Creative Edge launches announcing €1.1 million in EU funding for creative economy research and initiatives

Garry Hynes speaking at the Creative Edge launch

Druid Theatre’s award winning director Garry Hynes launched the Creative Edge project on Thursday 29thof November 2012 in the Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway.  Garry Hynes spoke about the importance of creativity in all our lives and how we all possess creativity in different ways.  Hynes also highlighted the core importance of Creative Edge:

 ”The reason why initiatives like this are so important, that they actually formally recognise that…life isn’t divided up into something which is spiritual, or artistic, and something that is economic. It is the fusion of these two things that make for a really rich society”.

NUI Galway’s Dr Patrick Collins, lead researcher on the project, also pointed out Creative Edge’s key relevance to consumers and the wider economy: “When you look at the emerging trend of increased demand for goods and services that are authentic, sustainable, and that tell a story, you are looking at the growth of the creative economy. The west of Ireland, and other regions on the edge of Europe stand to gain from the promotion of small and medium enterprises with creative offerings.”

Dr James Cunningham, Director of the Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway outlined how Creative Edge aims to work on addressing the needs of the creative sector and a call was made for the active participation and engagement of creative sector businesses, groups and organisations in the project. Dr Cunningham said: “This work is built on addressing the needs of the creative sector, needs change and we want to keep abreast of those changes. We are therefore actively encouraging creatives to engage with us and with our project partner in the region – the Western Development Commission”.

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