Craigavon Borough Council – SEED – Northern Ireland

Craigavon Borough Council in Northern Ireland takes the lead role for the South East Economic Development (SEED) group of councils in the Creative Edge project.

Video Film and Imaging seminar

Some highlights of the Craigavon Borough Council Creative Edge Seminar Series include the first seminar on Creativity and Innovation held on January 22nd 2013 in the Craigavon Civic Centre. This seminar assessed the role of the individual, and of teams, when fostering innovation in creativity and expanding business opportunities. Speakers included Professor Alistair Fee and Billy Dixon. Other seminars in the series ran in April and May 2013 focusing on audio visual, craft and architecture.

On the 27th of April 2013 the Video, Film and Imaging seminar at the Millennium Arts Centre in Portadown was fully attended. The event was opened with a talk by artist and lecturer in photography Dr Anthony Haughey. Seminar participants were guided through his work, which was on display, while also gaining an insight into Dr Haughey’s artistic process. Ben Jones, an experienced film maker, showed examples of his work shot in both the Middle East and Belfast. Ben Jones went on to instruct the group on the functioning of high end video cameras. Participants also got some hands on experience and could use the equipment. Ben Jones also spoke to the group about sound recording ideas and techniques, and how best to light a subject or scene.

Lord Mayor of Armagh and presenters Sarah Guns-Smith and Moneeza Khan at the Art of Presenting Craft seminar

On May 9th 2013 The Art of Presenting Craft was held in the Market Place Theatre in the city of Armagh. The seminar was opened by Armagh Lord Mayor Sharon Haughey-Grimley who welcomed the group. The talk was then delivered by Sara Gunn-Smith and her colleague Moneeza Kahn who addressed a full room of local craft enthusiasts. Various aspects of developing a craft related business were discussed and examples of work by the presenters were passed around the room. Attendees learned about how to market and distribute craft products, to develop their portfolio and use the internet as a tool for reaching wider audiences and communicate with their market. The presentation is available on the Craft Northern Ireland website here

Participants at the Art of Presenting Craft seminar

On Thursday 23rd of May 2013 at the Revisiting Modern Architecture seminar leading experts Mark Hackett, Ciarán Mackel and Dr Ellen Rowley explored modernist architecture. This seminar focused on some of the central issues surrounding the history and legacy of modernist architecture. Featuring leading architects and architectural historians, the role of architecture and the built environment in Ireland and Northern Ireland was also the focus of discussion.

Details of seminars and workshops run by Craigavon Borough Council are available on e-Craigavon.